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DRISHYA® 2018 :: Elocution Competition Classifications and Rules
DRISHYA® 2018 :: Elocution Competition Classifications and Rules

New England Malayalee Association

DRISHYA® 2018 – Annual Talent Show and Competitions

Elocution Competition Classifications and Rules



Malayalam Elocution

  • Youth  (14 to 17 years)
  • Junior (11 years to 13 years)
  • Sub-Junior (8 years to 10 years)
  • Kinder (5 years to 7 years)


English Elocution

  • Youth  (14 to 17 years)
  • Junior (11 years to 13 years)
  • Sub-Junior (8 years to 10 years)
  • Kinder (5 years to 7 years)


 Performance Time

  1. For Youth(14 to 17 years) category, the speech must be under 3 minutes
  2. For junior,sub-junior and kinder categories, the speech must be under 2 minutes
  3. Time will begin with the contestant’s first definite verbal or non-verbal communication with the audience. This usually will be the first word uttered by the contestant, but would include any other communication such as sound effects.
  4. A buzzer will sound at the time limit for each category and a contestant who continues to speak more than 15 seconds after that will be disqualified from the competition.


  1. Speech must be conducted in the language prescribed for that event ( English or Malayalam).
  2. For English Elocution,all the contestants in a category will be called to the back room and the topic will be given 30 minutes before the segment is set to start to all at the same time.
  3. For English Elocution, for age category 5 to 7, topic will be given one week before the competition date.
  4. For Malayalam Elocution, a topic will be sent to participants one week before the event date.
  5. All contestants in one category shall receive a topic, which shall be of a general nature, and shall talk for the time specified.
  6. The topic shall not require a detailed knowledge but should lead to an opinion or conclusion.
  7. An individual may only perform once in a single competitive category.
  8. Participants must be within the age range as of January 1, 2018.
  9. Any segment with only one entry will be cancelled. The participant can opt to compete in a higher age category if possible.
  10. If there are too many entries in any category NEMA reserves the right to conduct a semi-final round.
  11. Mobile devices are not to be used to refer for the points on the topic given.
  12. Judges decisions are final. Participants are not to contact the judges to get the feedback on the performances.
  13. NEMA reserves the right to request proof of age, to verify the age of the participant if needed.



The scoring is as follows:

Speech development  20 pts
Effectiveness  20 pts
Physical presentation                     20 pts
 Speech delivery  20 pts
Language  20 pts


 Definitions of Judging Format

  1. SPEECH DEVELOPMENT is the way the speaker puts ideas together so the audience can understand them. The  response is structured around a purpose, and this structure must include an opening, body and conclusion. The response is supported by relevant examples and illustrations, facts and figures if appropriate, and is delivered smoothly.
  2. EFFECTIVENESS is your subjective judgment of how the response comes across. Were you able to determine the speaker’s purpose? Did the speech relate directly to the given question or topic? Was his/her response clearly and logically presented?
  3. PHYSICAL presentation of the response carries part of the responsibility for effective communication.  The speaker’s appearance should reinforce his or her response. Body language should support points through gestures, expressions and body positioning.
  4. SPEECH DELIVERY should be flexible, moving from one pitch level to another for emphasis, and should have a variety of rare and volume. A good voice can be clearly heard and the words easily understood.
  5. LANGUAGE refers to the choice of words that relate to the response. Language should promote clear understanding of thoughts and should fit the occasion precisely. Proper use of grammar and correct pronunciation will show that the speaker is the master of the words being used.


If the participant is not ready to perform when his/her number is called, a penalty of 5 points will be applied to the score.


The winners are chosen as follows:

  1. If only one participant is registered for a category, no competition will be held and they can choose to compete in a higher age category.
  2. For a category with two or more participants, a first place winner is declared.
  3. For a category with three or more participants, a first place and second place winners are declared.
  4. For a category with four or more participants, a first place, second place and third place winners are declared.
    **Judges decision is final**

Participant Certificates will be awarded to all participants on the day of the event.

Trophies/Medals and winner certificates will be awarded to all winners on the day of the event 

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