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New England Malayalee Association, Boston USA

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DRISHYA® 2018 :: Essay Writing Competition Classifications and Rules
DRISHYA® 2018 :: Essay Writing Competition Classifications and Rules

New England Malayalee Association

DRISHYA® 2018 – Annual Talent Show and Competitions

Essay Writing Competition Classifications and Rules


Categories(Essay Writing)

  • Youth  (14 to 17 years)
  • Junior (11 years to 13 years)
  • Sub-Junior (8 years to 10 years)
  • Kinder (5 years to 7 years)


Performance Time

The topic for the essay will be provided according to the age divisions above.  One topic per age division will be selected randomly and announced 5 minutes before the contest begins. Thus the contestants will not know the topic ahead of time. The contestants will have 60 minutes to complete an essay  on the “given topic.”


  1.  The essay must be an original composition written by the contestant, onsite (i.e., in the Contest Room), and must be written in English.
  2. The essay must be written only on the paper provided.
  3. The essay  submitted will not be returned under any circumstances. NEMA shall reserve the right to publish the essay, name, school and photo of any participant in any manner it deems fit.
  4. Participants must be within the age range as of January 1, 2018.
  5. Copying or getting inspiration for the work from any sources, online or offline will immediately disqualify the entry.
  6. NEMA reserves the right to request proof of age, to verify the age of the participant if needed.
  7. Judges decisions are final. Participants are not to contact the judges to get the feedback on the performances.



The scoring is as follows:

Clarity of thought & Projection of idea 25 pts
Depth of knowledge about the topic 10 pts
Originality 15 pts
Organization             25 pts
Grammar/Word choice 25 pts


Definitions of Judging Format

  1. Clarity of  thought & Projection of idea – 25 points      
  2. Depth of knowledge – 10 points
  3. Originality – 15 points     
  4. Organization – 25
  5. Grammar/Word choice – 25 points



The winners are chosen as follows:

  1. If only one participant is registered for a category, an honorary mention will be given
  2. For a category with two or more participants, a first place winner is declared.
  3. For a category with three or more participants, a first place and second place winners are declared.
  4. For a category with four or more participants, a first place, second place and third place winners are declared.
    **Judges decisions are final**

Participant Certificates will be awarded to all participants on the day of the event.

Trophies/Medals and winner certificates will be awarded to all winners at Drishya Finale.

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