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DRISHYA® 2018 :: Group Classical Dance Competition Classifications and Rules
DRISHYA® 2018 :: Group Classical Dance Competition Classifications and Rules

New England Malayalee Association

DRISHYA® 2018 – Annual Talent Show and Competitions

Group Classical Dance Competition Classifications and Rules

Categories(Group Classical Dance)

  • Adult  (18 years or older)
  • Youth  (14 to 17 years)
  • Junior (11 years to 13 years)
  • Sub-Junior (8 years to 10 years)



A group with a mixed age of contestants that prevent them from falling into a particular category will be placed in the category of the highest aged participant in the group.  


Performance Time

  1. The performance must be between 5 to 8 minutes for adult, youth and junior categories.
  2. The performance must be between 3 to 5 minutes for Sub-Junior category
  3. The performance can be in any Indian classical dance genre (bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, mohiniyattom, odisi etc.)



  1. An individual may only perform once in this category. The entries will be disqualified if one individual is found to be participating in more than one entry of classical group dance across any age groups.
  2. Individuals may perform in one classical group and one non-classical group and one solo competitive entry.
  3. Groups should be comprised of 4 members or more.
  4. Not anywhere in the audio of the song or announcement, the names of the participants or choreographer should be mentioned.
  5. Participants must be within the age range as of January 1, 2018.
  6. Any segment with no more than one entry will be cancelled. The participants can opt to compete in a higher age category if possible.
  7. If there are too many entries in any category NEMA reserves the right to conduct a semi-final round.
  8. NEMA reserves the right to request proof of age, to verify the age of the participant if needed.
  9. No prompting/coaching from outside of the stage is allowed. The item will be immediately disqualified if it comes to notice.
  10. The song should be sent to in mp3 format when requested. This will be strictly enforced and failing to do so will disqualify the item.
  11. No confetti, smoke machines, fire and water should be used on stage as part of performance
  12. Only battery operated lights can be used to enhance the props and performance.
  13. It is the sole responsibility of the team leader/choreographer to make sure that all participants in his/her team are aware and abide by the rules. If any participant is found violating the rules, the whole team that he/she belongs to, will be penalized.
  14. Any song exceeding the maximum allotted time will be shortened to the maximum time.
  15. No alta is allowed in the auditorium or green room premises. Please apply if needed from home. 
  16. Judges decisions are final. Participants are not to contact the judges to get the feedback on the performances.

Note: Additions to teams cannot be made once registration closes for the competition.


The scoring is as follows:

  Performance 45 points
 Choreography 20 points
   Presentation 20 points
   Costume/makeup 15 points


Definitions of Judging Format:

  1. Performance (45 % of total score): Detailed judging format of performance below.
    1.  Anga Shudham (Movement Quality – Leg positions, Hand positions, Hand gestures, Upper body positions, Flexibility) – 15
    2. Saatvika Abhinaya (The quality of expressions of nine sentiments, Usage of face and body to express sentiments and moods) – 15
    3. Angika Abhinaya (Variations of dance steps exploring variety of movements covering all aspects of major limbs, Grace in the movement) – 15
  2. Costume/Makeup: (15 % of total score) . Detailed judging format of Costume/Makeup below.
    1.  Appropriateness to dance style – 5
    2. Accessories/ jewelry – 5
    3. Makeup and head-dressing- 5
  3. Presentation: (20 % of total score) Detailed judging format of presentation below.
    1. Vaachika – Musical quality of the song (5)
    2. Kaalapramanam – Proportions of Timing, Accuracy of the rhythms in the   dance, Presenting different rhythm variations, Complexities – Depth of rhythmical phrases ( 10)
    3. Complexity, Entry and Exit, Stage coverage and presence – (5)
  4. Choreography: (20% of total score) Detailed judging format of presentation below:
    1. Coordination and synchronization between participants- 10
    2. Group direction: Well-rehearsed; disciplined- 5
    3. Orientation/Staging/Balance (equal or near-equal age/ability of the dancers)- 5


If the participant is not ready to perform when his/her number is called, a penalty of 5 points  will be applied to  the  score



The winners are chosen as follows:

  1. If only one participant is registered for a category, no competition will be held and they can choose to compete in a higher age category.
  2. For a category with two or more participants, a first place winner is declared.
  3. For a category with three or more participants, a first place and second place winners are declared.
  4. For a category with four or more participants, a first place, second place and third place winners are declared.
    **Judges decisions are final**

Participant Certificates will be awarded to all participants on the day of the event.

Trophies/Medals and winner certificates will be awarded to all winners on the day of the event

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