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New England Malayalee Association, Boston USA

ന്യൂ ഇംഗ്ലണ്ട് മലയാളി അസോസിയേഷന്‍

Welcome To NEMA
Welcome To NEMA
Welcome To NEMA

Founded in 2004, the New England Malayalee Association [NEMA] is a registered, non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. Most broadly, it serves to cultivate and support the exchange of ideas between Malayalees and people of other cultures. To this end,NEMA promotes a deeper understanding of Malayalam language, literature, and art. Through its meetings and programs, it seeks to promote fellowship through cultural exchange and to provide for the artistic, literary and inter-generational needs of the wider Indian community as it interacts with interested members of other cultures. A secular organization,NEMA is dedicated to the enrichment of its diverse membership through regular programs that foster understanding of various rituals and traditions.

NEMA is an organization founded on the extraordinary commitment of many members, a few of whom have served and strengthened our community for up to 4 decades. Having renewed its registration with the state,NEMA continues to thrive. The vibrancy of the organization attests to the rich commitment of its members and friends. We appreciate the ongoing support of constituents and remain grateful for all suggestions and for the continuing participation of member families. We often bring professional artists who visit the United States to our programs, and we cherish the rich, cultural heritage they bring to the people of our community.

Dheeraj Prasad


Srividya Ramachandran

General Secretary

Nivya Mohan

Arts Club Secretary

Manoj Pillai

Vice President

Sreekesh N.K.

Joint Secretary

Geena Anand

Jt. Arts Club Secretary

Tony Parakka

Sports Club Secretary

Mary Emil Joseph

PR Coordinator

Christy Fernandez


Lajeesh C M

Jt. Sports Club Secretary

Unnikannan V

Jt. PR Coordinator

Jaya Aravind

Web Administrator

Simon Soman

Sandeep Menon

Ranjith Prasad

Harish Parameswaran

Vivek Nair

Riaz Ahmed

Santhosh Nair

Jaison Jose

Soorej Kumar Suresh

Shaheen A Jabbar

Rajeev K Pillai

Suraj Narayan

Girish Potti

Anand Puravangara

Jay Nambiar Periyat

Udaya Rani Umesh

Gopal Krishna

Suja Pillai

Misha Mathew

Manoj Panicker

Sabari Nair

Sheethal Dwaraka

Geo Thomas

Unnikannan V

Emi Antony

Kavitha Sreekesh

Sudha Gopal

Asha Manish

Saritha Binil

Saji Aravind

Ratheesh Nair

Varun Pillai

Deepa Jacob

Udaya Rani Umesh

Sruthi Jay

Neethu Lekshmi

Arathi Nambiar

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