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New England Malayalee Association, Boston USA

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The Foundation TV covers NEMA Halloween Party 2016
The Foundation TV covers NEMA Halloween Party 2016
The Foundation TV covers NEMA Halloween Party 2016

Published on 21-Nov-2016

NEMA™s Halloween Party “ An Absolute Blast


FTV News: New England Malayalee Association celebrated Halloween in a big way. It was a fun dress up party with lots of competitions that included best costume, pumpkin carving and much more. The whole evening was themed around Halloween and children and adults alike, were engaged creatively in presenting their acts throughout the evening. Besides amazing costumes, music and food, NEMA had also set up a Haunted house which only the brave hearts could go into. Many tried and came back h

alf way screaming. A lot of effort and amazing creativity went into that. This whole fun appropriately ended with an act that included kids singing and dancing to Ghost Busters, adults presenting a scarily choreographed musical drama that had the whole entire hall screaming, but then the ended had everyone laughing out loud. It was a hilarious ending and a lot of fun for everyone who attended. This was staged by a creative group Boston Kalakshetra.
Boston Kalakshetra is a group formed by like minded people to create various art forms. According to the members, this group was formed when discussing a skit idea for NEMA Halloween 2015. At that time the intention was just do the skit. But the group found its harmony and decided to continue making further productions. Since then the group had performed for various NEMA events  through out the year, including a skit for Christmas program in 2015, and an Indian contemporary dance œBhumikku Oru Charama Geetham œ “ A Dirge for the Earth , which won first prize in Drishya 2016.
œThe latest production from this group was the œThe Dark night for NEMA Halloween 2016. The idea started out as flash mob in one of the idea storming sessions. With further discussions it  was enhanced into a scariest skit ever with its innovative audio track and introduction of other role, said Sreekesh, one of the founding members of this creative group.  This skit was well received by the audience as the scariest and funniest ever performed for a Halloween!
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NEMA is now getting ready for another rocking event for Christmas 2016!

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