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New England Malayalee Association, Boston USA

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NEMA™s DRISHYA 2016 “ an astounding success : FTV News
NEMA™s DRISHYA 2016 “ an astounding success : FTV News
NEMA™s DRISHYA 2016 “ an astounding success : FTV News

FTV News: On May 7th, 2016, NEMA (New England Malayalee Association) wrapped up Drishya 2016 with its grand finale. Drishya, now in it™s 6th year, is a competition of art, music and dance spread over 4 days. Day 1 held on March 19th included Elocution, Mono-act,  Drawing,  Poetry Writing,  Short-story Writing,  Essay Writing competitions; Day 2 held on April 2nd included Non-Classical Singing Competitions; Day 3 held on April 30th included Classical Singing & Solo Classical Dance Competitions. Drishya Finale that showcased Group Classical & Non-Classical Dance Competitions was held on May 7th at the Marlboro middle school. Attended by over 700 participants along with their families Dhrishya is one of the largest New England Talent competitions.
The president of the organization Mrs Asha Manish shared with us that that all four days of Drishya have been equally exciting. œThis festival is a mix of on-stage and off stage activities. We have seen the interest growing each year. All four days are equally busy, but the grand finale is the most exciting day filled with activities throughout the day. We start in the morning and all day there are teams working together to present their best. The NEMA organizing committee works really hard to make this all happen. It is great team work spread over 4 “ 5 months with each one of us working diligently to make Drishya a huge success. Six years ago this festival started as a one day event. It has grown over the years and now the number of activities that we have, are spread over 4 days. œ
The entire day of the Grand finale was a high energy and very vibrant day where dancing teams were seen coming together in most colorful and gorgeous dance outfits, all crossing their fingers wanting the shine as the winning teams. Team spirit was very evident in all groups as parent volunteers, teachers and senior group members were seen guiding and helping the entire group of participants get prepared to go onstage looking and feeling their best. From dance costumes, to make up, to hair do™s and to props, all dance related accessories were well coordinated. Synchronized dancing of all group members was important for a well showcased performance. The friendliness and joyfulness among teams off stage was yet another feature that made this grand finale a huge success.
We spoke with one of the judges of the classical dance section Manasa Jayanthi, a senior disciple of Smt Jyothi Raghavan, and an assistant teacher at Nityanjali School of dance, who said that it was a treat to judge little kids who are growing up here and who participated in the solo as well as the group categories. She was amazed at the way participants went above and beyond the basic criteria. This of course made the judge™s job even more hard and complex, but she said that it was pure joy and honor to be able to judge these wonderfully talented contestants. œI was truly amazed by the 5 “ 8 year old category children. Their talent and dedicated was much beyond what I had expected. Every child was so supportive, so competitive and seemed to be truly enjoying themselves on stage. As a judge she said they could see the amount of hard work that had gone in for each entry from not only the contestant, but also the parents and the gurus. She said she was happy that they were able to make ˜special mentions™ beyond the traditional winners list as the judging for Drishya competitions was not an easy task.
The winning teams and all participants that we spoke to, certainly came with the greatest attitudes of competitiveness along with the urge of learning and growing. Something at the scale of Drishya is only made possible with great team work, positive attitudes and a feeling of joyfulness and respect towards art, music, dance and culture. The dedication and efforts of the NEMA team, volunteers, judges, parents, students and their gurus, all mad this a beautiful day of grand finale and the entire festival as a whole. Drishya left an impact in the lives of all those who were part of this beautiful event.
Beautifully articulated by Manasa, œDrishya means to me, an encouragement of talent, and encouragement of passion and a great event for students to build Character. Competitions are not just there to boost our egos, but to allow us to better ourselves
About NEMA: The New England Malayalee Association [NEMA] is a registered, non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA. Most broadly, it serves to cultivate and support the exchange of ideas between Malayalees and people of other cultures. To this end, NEMA promotes a deeper understanding of Malayalam language, literature, and art. Through its meetings and programs, it seeks to promote fellowship through cultural exchange and to provide for the artistic, literary and inter-generational needs of the wider Indian community as it interacts with interested members of other cultures. A secular organization, NEMA is dedicated to the enrichment of its diverse membership through regular programs that foster understanding of various rituals and traditions.
NEMA is an organization founded on the extraordinary commitment of many members, a few of whom have served and strengthened our community for up to 4 decades. Having renewed its registration with the state,NEMA continues to thrive. The vibrancy of the organization attests to the rich commitment of its members and friends. We appreciate the ongoing support of constituents and remain grateful for all suggestions and for the continuing participation of member families. We often bring professional artists who visit the United States to our programs, and we cherish the rich, cultural heritage they bring to the people of our community.
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