Badminton 2020

* Day 1: Jan 25, 2020 ( Full Day) , Day 2: Feb 1, 2020 (Afternoon)
* 4 Houses
* 6 Divisions
* 150+ Matches
* 1 Winner *
* And LOADS of fun … !
* Clothing Drive for Catie's closet.


01 February, 2020



169 Flanders Rd, Westborough, MA 01581

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NEMA Badminton Tournament (2020)

Welcome to the NEMA Badminton tournament 2020! With the tremendous success we have had last year with the new format, we shall continue to have the House Format for this year’s tournament too. All registered teams will be part of one of four houses. Each house has separate divisions for Women’s doubles, Men’s/Open doubles, and Youth Singles. The divisional teams will play against the other respective house divisional teams.  Every team/youth gets an opportunity to play a minimum of five matches. The house with most points wins the tournament and will be the first winner of the new rolling trophy for the winning house! In addition, there will be trophies for the top three performing teams in each division. All youth participants shall receive a participation medal.


Boston Badminton, 169 Flanders Rd, Westborough, MA 01581


Day 1: Jan 25, 2020 ( Full Day)

Day 2: Feb 1, 2020 (Afternoon)

Snow Days: Jan 26, Feb 2, 2020

Participant Criteria:

  1. In order to be considered a playing team in tournament, at least one player of a doubles team must be a NEMA member. For Youth, at least one of the parents must have NEMA membership.
  2. Both members of a doubles team or Youth should have formally registered their entry to the tournament and paid their registration.
  3. Participants should be of age 18 or above for Doubles Registration and for Youth Singles Age between 10 to 17) as of tournament start date of Jan 25, 2020. (exception allowed for lower age group at the players own discretion to compete with higher aged players)  
  4. We are introducing a new category “Open” this year. This category will be at the same skill level as the Men's doubles teams. An Open category team can be a doubles team comprising players of any age/gender. Ex: 1Man /1Woman, 2 Women , 1Man/1 Youth .
  5. NEMA owns the rights to decline any team/player from the tournament.


Tournament Format (House):

Sports Committee will group all the registered doubles teams and youth singles into four balanced houses.

There will be a House Captain and Vice Captain for each house to coordinate,  guide you with schedules and provide any advice.

Matches will be played across 2 days - January 25th and February 1st 2020

Most players will be required to play on both days.

Each team will play against their corresponding teams (same division) from the other houses. 

A minimum of 5 matches will be played by each team/individual.

House Divisions:

Each house is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F  divisions as below.  Men’s/Open team assignment to Divisions B, C, or D will be based on past NEMA and other regional tournament performances.

    Division A: Women’s Doubles team

    Division B:  Men’s/Open Doubles team

    Division C:  Men’s/Open Doubles team    

    Division D:  Men’s/Open Doubles team

    Division E:  Youth Singles

    Division F:  Youth Singles


 Point System:

  1. Every win earns one point for the team and their house.
  2. All matches will be in the best of three , standard 21-point format.

House Winners:

    The House with the most points wins the tournament. If two or more houses have identical points, the winner is decided by applying the following rules in order:

  1. The house that has most number of wins in head to head matches between the respective houses is declared winner.
  2. If it’s still  a tie, the winner is decided by calculating the win-loss differential in games (#of games won –  #of games lost) in head to head matches between the respective houses.The house with the higher number, wins.
  3. If the tie can still not be broken, the winner is decided by calculating the win-loss differential in ALL games  throughout the tournament (Total #of all games won – Total #of all games lost).The house with the higher number, wins.
  4. In the unlikely event that the aforementioned rules fail to break a tie between two houses, a coin toss will decide the winner.

Divisional Winners:

      To recognize the top three teams in each division is based on the number of matches won in the division. The pair/player with the most number of wins/points within their division is selected as the Division winner.  A 2nd and 3rd place winner will also be selected . If two or more pairs/players have identical points, the winner is decided by applying the following rules in order:

  1. The pair/player that won their head to head match against the pair/player being compared, is declared winner.
  2. If a winner still  cannot be determined, the winner is decided by calculating the win-loss differential across ALL games in which they have played in the tournament (Total #of games won –  Total #of games lost).The pair/player with the higher number, wins.
  3. If the tie can still not be broken, the winner is decided by calculating the point differential of games in which the respective pair/player has lost throughout the tournament. The winner would be the pair/player that has lost by the fewer number of points. (Total #of all point differentials in all losing games).The pair/player  with the lower number, wins.
  4. If a winner still cannot be decided, the pair/player would be required to play a 11 pt game. The side to reach 11 points first, would be declared the winner.


  1. Teams who have to withdraw from the event due to Injury or Player unavailability for a schedule will forfeit and give a walk over to the opposing team.
  2. The matches cannot be rescheduled due to player absence.
  3. A player cannot be substituted due to player absence.
  4. If your team partner is injured, you can substitute a player from the same house for later matches. The substitute Player has to be from same division or from lower divisions with opposite team captain consent before every matches. If the opposite house captain does not agree with substitution, the team injured forfeit points to the opposite team.
  5. During a match, if a player gets injured and is unable to continue, he/she will be given a maximum of 10 minutes to recover and resume the match. If the player is unable to resume after 10 minutes, his team will forfeit that match. If the same player is injured again in the same match and is unable to continue playing immediately without taking a break, his/her team will be required to concede the match to the opposing team. 
  6. Injury time 10mins maximum for first occurrence in a match. Next occurrence will result in forfeit of match
  7. If your partner recovers after injury, they can play later matches.
  8. Teams substituted their partners due to injury or any other reason don’t qualify for divisional winners

Match Rules:

  1. All of the Badminton World Federation rule is applicable in our tournament except defined otherwise in the document.
  2. Every team is requested to report to the match referee at least 30 minutes before their scheduled match. If a team is not available during their schedule, it will be considered a walk over and the opponent team will be declared winner.

Facility Requirements:

Badminton or indoor court shoes are required on the badminton courts.  No black soles or street shoes are allowed.


Aeroplane Black label brand of birdies shall be used for this years tournament



* Five matches for a team based on the assumption that required number of teams registered for the tournament.

* The number of divisions is based on the assumption that required number of teams registered for the tournament.

* Please contact for any enquiries.

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