In IT To Lose IT

- First time in NEMA, Weight loss challenge!
- Creating a healthy you in this new year!
- 16 Teams & 79 participants!


30 January, 2020



  Worried about putting on weight during the holidays? Well, NEMA Sports in association with Burlington OBGYN Associates Inc. has an exciting challenge just right for you!

In IT to LOSE IT !!

NEMA Sports - Weight Loss Challenge


The mission of this weight-loss challenge is to provide an environment of fun and friendly competition to the NEMA community, that will help promote healthier eating and encourage physical activity to help lose body weight in a healthy way and stay fit!

Weight loss should be the result of healthier eating and exercise habits. Participants are on the honor system and should participate in a healthy and fair manner.

Contest Start Date: Jan 1 2020

Contest end Date: Jan 30 2020

Participation Criteria: NEMA members Only. Age 18 and above.

Registration & Tracking:

-  You may register as an individual and/or as a team (6 members max)

-  Registration can be done by sending email to 

-  Registration email should contain Name and contact# of participant(s)

-  Registrations to be submitted by 12/30

-  Initial weight recording to be submitted latest by 12/31

-  Teams registering must designate a captain

-  Weekly weigh-ins of individual weights must be updated in a shared sheet  (to be provided by NEMA) on  1/8,1/15,1/22 &1/30. For teams, this would be the responsibility of captains.

Note: Please make sure the weighing machine used is calibrated right & the same machine is used for measurement throughout the challenge.

Criteria for “Winning”:

Remember, everyone who participates wins better Health!

“Winners” are determined by percentage of total weight loss. 

Example: 1. beginning weight – ending weight = pounds lost

                2. (pounds lost ÷ beginning weight) X 100 = percent weight lost


Prize to be shared in the event of a TIE.

Winners to be announced at the 2020 NEMA Badminton Finale Ceremony

Prizes :

Individual with highest weight loss across all  entries % :      

Team with the highest total weight loss% :


There is a separate prize for male and female contestant winners.

The team can be a mix of male and female contestants